Alterations for weddings, proms, formals, officewear, and everyday clothing.

Services & Policies

"BEFORE":  Customer had washed a jacket, causing the sleeve lining to shrink by 3 inches, making the wool jacket sleeve "bunch up".
"AFTER":  I removed stitching where lining was attached to sleeve, and cut pieces of new lining fabric to attach to sleeve lining, making it the same length as it was originally, thus allowing the sleeve to hang and look normal once again!
Alterations and repairs for fabric garments.  A few examples:

Gals and Guys:  Work clothes, casual wear, dressy wear, formal wear, wedding and bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses!

Special Projects:  Have a closet full of nice clothes that you never wear?  Bring them on in to the shop and together we can decide if some modifications can make them wearable.

Yes, I can shorten jeans and still keep the original hem!

Yes, I can convert a zip-up dress to a lace-up corset-back dress!

Do you have a basketful of "miscellaneous repairs" that you just don't have time to get to?  Bring it on in!  I have a huge supply of buttons, hooks & eyes, snaps, etc.

For any questions before you come in, please call the shop at 843-384-4559. 

When you are coming for a fitting:
-Be sure to bring shoes with the heel height, and any foundation garments, that you want to wear with the garment. The heel height and undergarments definitely affect the fit and length of your garment.

For fittings, an appointment time is required.

-The shop does not have sufficient space to accommodate children or more than one person at a time.

-No food, beverages other than water, or smells of cigarette smoke are allowed in the shop.


-All items brought into the shop must be clean and odor-free.