Alterations for weddings, formals, officewear, and everyday clothing.

Custom-made evening / bridal / travel bags -- old-fashioned Charleston-style reticules!

At left is a picture of a display of example bags at Sewing by Linda that you can see to get ideas of what can be made for you.  Your bag can be any color that you like, either plain or decorated.
I have a supply of fabrics and trims, or you may purchase your own fabric for me to make your bag.  For 45" fabric, purchase 3/4ths of a yard, and for 60" fabric, purchase 1/2 of a yard.
Each bag is fully lined and is just the right size to be spacious enough to hold your cell phone, wallet, makeup, keys, etc. -- all the items one likes to have along when going to dinner or special events. 
When traveling, it's perfect for packing smaller items into it in your luggage, then at your destination, it's ready to serve as your going-out bag!
These bags are fantastic gift items, too! 
Here's a pale turquoise bag, decorated with silvery-white lace.  See following pictures for more views!
Here's the same bag, pulled open, viewed from the side.
Here's the turquoise bag again, open and viewed from above.  As you can see, all bags are fully-lined!
Here's a red bag, decorated with special French lace!
Here's a white satin bag, trimmed with silvery lace, perfect for a bride!

Here's a beautiful brocade bag!
The above pictures are just a few examples.  Your custom-made bag can be any color that you like!